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How To Overcome PUBG Addiction

Behind The PUBG Game, People Of All Ages Have Gone Crazy.

PUBG Addiction Help

What is addiction?
Well in this world everything above a limit is an addiction. And PUBG game is becoming an addiction now as peoples are getting crazy to play PUBG and some of them, plays PUBG whole day even at the night too.

Extremely Volatile

Waste Of Time

Destroys Your Social Life

Some Recent Bizarre Incidents Caused By PUBG

A 19-year-old boy killed both his parents and sister because they insisted him not to play the game.

A 15-year-old in Mumbai had to undergo mental treatment to come out of the addiction.


Is this what we are calling as young generation and depending on them as the largest workforce in the world?

There might be various reasons like peer pressure but we need to overcome them and become wise enough to differentiate between entertainment and addiction.

Why Learn With Us?

Why To Choose This Course?


Practical tips on how to overcome from PUBG Addiction


Course Is very simple,clear & easy to follow


Great way to get started without getting overwhelmed, with simple techniques.

What happens in your mind when you play PUBG?

When you play PUBG you only concentrate on the game and your minds intelligence neurons are busy as you focus on your gameplay.

And you subconsciously press all the buttons when you see
an enemy that means your mind is busy in handling this state which you may not realize but effects a lot on your mind/head.

Every second your minds neuron send millions of signals to another neuron and that process keeps going and going and slowly it becomes your habit and your subconscious mind keeps giving you reasons to play PUBG.

Problems Due To PUBG Addiction


You won't be able to have a sound sleep during the night because of the blue light from your mobile that affects your eyes . In other words it can be said as Insomnia .


Your sleep cycle gets affected because of which your health gets affected.


You waste your time playing instead of using the time productively .

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