Your senses process approximately 400 Billion bits per second of information. Your RAS (Reticular Activation System) processes that information by distorting, deleting and generalizing it down to 2000 bits per second. It forms part of your conditioned mind and functions up to 800 times faster than your conscious mind.

Literally every sensory impulses received will go through it first, where it decides whether the information received is important to you or not. In other words, it will pass on the information received to your conscious mind, ONLY if information received is on your priority list. For example, if the impulse received is a sound of an alarm siren, it will quickly priorities it for you, passing this information to your conscious mind, grabbing your attention regardless of what you were busy with at that time. This happens because the alarm sound is on your priority list, as a result of your mind being conditioned to act when hearing a siren.

This means that you need to learn to upload what is really important to you to your RAS. This is exactly why when you concentrate much of your attention on problems, like debt, all your RAS can bring to your attention is more of what you have stressed as important to it. If you worry about debt constantly, it will impress itself to your priority list and your RAS will do whatever it can, to bring more of it to your attention. It will see debt as a priority as you are focusing so much on it.

Remember, its job is to find in the outside world everything that matches to your inside world. For this reason we need to order our inside world’s first, so that we are able to see it in our physical, outside world.

So what do you want to see outside of you?? (first get it inside)