After being through a rough patch of my life with my heart broken, mind full of disappointments and lack of self confidence was on a total verge of breakdown, ready to give up. In midst of all these chaos a family member introduced me to a Certified Life Coach.
They introduced me to Coach Abdul Mannan, a fantastic NLP Practitioner, who has showed me the endless possibilities of changes that only I can make for myself, in just one session!!
I have learned to change my perspectives and through it my expectations of the entire world around me. I have learned that being anxious and depressed wasn’t going to take me anywhere, but taking charge of the various situation and considering them as my responsibility was my only way to grow up. I have learned that people not agreeing with me or not liking me was never my job to be concerned with. I have learned that happiness is never a destination but continuous journey for as long as I live, and that it is and it will always be upto me either to run behind material possessions to achieve what i think will be happiness, or to just be in the moment and feel alive and happy.