I had a problem of anxiety for the past 12yrs. Be it a small or a major issue, this problem used to trigger up so much that it would disturb my normal routine to such an  extent, that i get upset and depressed about how I am and how i must tackle this problem. My personal and professional lives were perturbed.

I came to know about Abdul  Mannan through Facebook so I approached him. Within a single sitting miraculously, my anxiety level dropped to such a low level that i now feel happy and confident.

Abdul Mannan explained me so beautifully how to look for the positive within the negative problems.  He has helped me to look at problems in a positive way. He himself is such a positive person and a great friend, i can say.

I thank Allah that I have overcome this 12yrs long problem with the help of Abdul Mannan. I can so confidently recommend him to anyone who has a problem in their lives.
Thank you so much Abdul Mannan.