Tell me something, the room that you are in right now, is it big or small?
The truth is that nothing is big or small; nothing is good or bad…until you compare it with
something else! Before your judgment, everything just IS.

When your circumstances seem tragic and when you feel like the unluckiest person on the planet, it’s just so because you gave that meaning to the event or the circumstances that you are in. If compared with worse scenario, it may not be as tragic as it seemed at all. If you understand the laws of the Universe, you would be smart and seek for the learning needed out of that whole experience, allowing yourself to grow and expand.

A millionaire could feel like an absolute looser comparing himself and his achievements to a billionaire. Yet a millionaire could be a role model for some poor guy out there. The best advice I can give you here is to never judge yourself or others, never compare your achievements with theirs. Rather focus on what it is that you want and do your absolute best to achieve it.
Do you have the best life now?? 🙂

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