Psycho-Cybernetic Mechanism – NLP Concept

Before I explain the Psycho-Cybernetic Mechanism, let me first explain the Cybernetic Mechanism that we find in machines and some animals. This mechanism is simply, a control and response mechanism. We use it everywhere today, in our air conditioners, auto-pilots, etc. Cybernetic Mechanism is designed to monitor a certain parameters and take corrective action to correct any deviation. Air conditioners now have climate control and are able to maintain a set temperature by adjusting the settings of the air conditioner to compensate for any other influences that affect the temperature. The air conditioner will activate and deactivate to maintain the set temperature because of the cybernetic mechanism. Auto-pilot technology in aircraft, also make use of cybernetic mechanisms.
Psycho-Cybernetic Mechanism monitors what we refer to as your comfort zone. Psycho- Cybernetic Mechanism is in charge to keep you in your comfort zone, no matter how badly you want to change. When it picks up any deviation from your comfort zone it sends feedback to your nervous system which then tries to “correct” the deviation by creating emotional stimulus to bring you back into your comfort zone.
A sales person who works on a commission based salary can decide to earn double than what he did a previous month. Logically it would require longer working hours, twice as many calls and probably some other sacrifices. In return, after a week or so, his income would be higher in comparison to the previous month’s first week. At this point his Psycho-Cybernetic Mechanism would kick in and send neural-transmitters to cause doubts, fear and anxiety. It will cause him to rationalize things. Please bear in mind, this happens automatically and so fast that you have no idea that it’s happening at all. It will start justifying old behavior. You might find it perfectly reasonable to take a break since you have worked so hard. It will literally find a dozen excuses why you should relax a bit and slow down. All this is to bring you back to your old comfort zone. It doesn’t know if you are happy or unhappy in your comfort zone. It’s job is simply to keep bringing you back into your comfort zone.
This is a very critical point. Without resetting this system – nothing will change! This system causes you to consistently behave the way you do and will continue to keep bringing you back.
Virginia Satir said: “familiarity is the most powerful force in human beings”. The opposite of familiarity is the unknown. Yet when you were a child, almost everything was unknown. Yet as a child, each day brought new exploration and a new set of possibilities. When you learned to walk, you kept going even if you fell, got back up each time over and over. You kept doing this because of your unshakable desire and belief that you will walk.
Will you Reset your Psycho-Cybernetic Mechanism Now??

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