A few days ago when I woke up for Fajr prayer, I saw my wife awake & was shivering with cold. Donno what she saw in her dream smile emoticon Anyways she told me that she is feeling cold and told me to cover her with a blanket. I was running short of time for my Fajr prayer & felt a bit lazy to put the blanket on her. With my eyes half-closed, as I had just got up, it stuck to me why not use my NLP techniques.

I told her to just keep on saying ‘Hot’, ‘Hot’ continuously, knowing very well that what you say, your mind will process it. And what the mind processes the body will react. She found this a bit silly, but still did what I told her. Then I told her to close her eyes and visualize herself in our last years’ Umrah trip, during zuhr time, when the heat was at its peak, and we were fasting & making our rounds of the Kaba….

No sooner she started to visualize the above scene, while saying verbally Hot, Hot,… the shivering vanished in an instant and she was totally relaxed and normal. It was so powerful & dramatic that even I was amazed. It made the conviction so firm, that it’s the ‘Scenes’ which you play in your mind are more important than, even you actually presence anywhere.
Your body reacts to your scenes in the mind, not your actual presence!!

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