A few days back I was discussing with one of my friends in Dubai, a fresher working for a small Construction company. During the discussion he told me, that he is doing mechanical design work for the company. And while the conversation was on, he told me that he is going to submit his designs to the Dubai Municipality & once they approve it his Self-Confidence will increase!!
I immediately asked him, why does he wants to keep his Self-confidence in the hands of Dubai Municipality??

Which indirectly means he is not confident as of now, while working on the designs.!! How about having self-confidence in advance & then doing the design work. Will there not be a higher probability of getting approved by Dubai Municipality if he already works with the advance confidence???

How many of us attach our confidence, happiness, peace to certain material things, events or other people. Many people say if I get a certain amount of salary I will happy! And once they get that salary, they will attach their happiness to something else.
The question is who is stopping you to be happy & confident RIGHT NOW??

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